Where to start?

Here we have another attempt by me,  jafa@jafanet.net, to create a useful on-line resource for members interested in serving the members, groups and areas of the Free State Region.  The Twelve Traditions guide us in that endeavor and the Ninth suggests that “NA, as such, ought never be organized, but we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve.”  This site is to help members of those committees to communicate between committee meetings.

So lets start at the ground level, the member is the foundation of the fellowship.   The addict joins a group, stops using and becomes a member, ready to participate in the Primary Purpose, attending meetings, contributing their fair share of money, time and labor as needed to support the group.  For the group to pursue their primary purpose they unite with other nearby groups to form an Area, publish a phone number and contact institutions and bureaus where using addicts show up who may be ready to hear the message and begin recovery.  The Area elects members to form subcommittees for Phone Line, H&I, Literature and Public Relations.

As new groups form and join the area committee, they may start having events to celebrate recovery and to provide safe recreation for new members.  They may start a newsletter to inform members of these events and to provide a list of meetings in the area and other items of interest to the fellowship.  To save money on literature they may pool their orders and buy literature at a discount.  As an offshoot to the newsletter they may start a web site, because one or more members want to do it.

Then the committees forget that they are just a collection of groups and take on they own identity.  Personalites ascend to prominence and some compete with others and divisions arise.  Areas divide.  Some members retreat to their groups and stop serving outside of their home groups.  Service positions go unfilled because the divisions have created too many positions and overlapping areas are unsure of who serves whom.  Into this morass someone suggests that the Areas can form a new Region or join a different one that already exists.  I am of the opinion that the group is served best by the committee nearest to them so forming a new region may provide better support for some Areas.  Each member carefully chooses a home group where they are comfortable and usually nearby.  Groups should similarly choose the Area they join, and Areas the Region from which they seek support.  At the same time some Groups may choose to stand alone.  Perhaps some Areas may do the same.




Welcome to JafaNet.  Web design is sort of a hobby with me. This site is for me to share with others who may have common interests or already share a community with me.

A social network for recovering addicts